Gems of Sha'Lahr


Kaywinnet Lee Torres
Kaywinnet Lee Torres, commonly referred to as Kaylee, was raised by her dear sister. Her father, who ...

Dr. Riu Liel
Riu Liel, formerly Ryuna Liel, grew up in the slums of Athecester, Iobos. Impoverished, Riu faced co ...

Kate Smith
@#^&$%&… ERROR 20030… grow up in a typical middle class family. It became obvious early on, that sh ...

Roland Vandercliff
A scientist armed with a rifle, born of an unusual circumstance. His mother was a Peratelos Skimm ...


Acquire a gem from local pirates.
Kyndle has intel that suggests a local branch of interstellar pirates known as the Peratelos Skimmer ...

Visit Xunnade and uncover any potential mysteries.
The Pirate Captain, the man who seems to be in charge of the facility, has given the heroes an ultim ...

Kill Kyndle.
The Pirate Captain was tipped off by the heroes that they were sent by a treasure hunter to acquire ...

Heroic Feats

In hopes of following in her dad's footsteps as a starship pilot, Kaylee took out a loan in order to acquire her very own trader. It has no ...

Replica Master Key
A master key that was reproduced from an existing master key signature. As far as the computer system the key originated from can tell, this ...

Gem of Sha'Lahr
An emerald with a magnificently luminous glow. Those who stare into the light for too long become enamored by the gem. It is contained in ...


A shadowy, well-armed woman who claims to be a Treasure Hunter. She reveals little information, and does so with a cold demeanor.

Peratelos Skimmers
A notoriously dangerous group of interstellar pirates. A Captain within the organization has taken notice of the heroes...

Mayzon Wils
A pilot and deserter from the Fenchel Empire Military. He is a long time friend of Kyndle. He has agreed to take the heroes to the restricte ...

Adventure Log
  • The four heroes have gathered in an adventurer's club. They were each unaware of each other's presence at the club for they had no formal plans to meet up. Suddenly, a weeping woman who concealed her identity with a hood burst into the hall and began pleading at people for help. She was ignored by the patrons at the hall until she approached Roland. During the course of their conversation, the other three heroes took notice of each other and had convened by Roland. The woman had proclaimed that her daughter had been kidnapped by dangerous pirates and that she needed help from brave adventurers to get her back. She then requested that they meet her at her apartment, for it would be too dangerous to go into details there.
  • The heroes agreed to go to the woman's apartment, where she revealed she was actually a Treasure Hunter in search of a gem. She revealed her identity and gave the name "Kyndle". She asked the heroes for help. She knew about where the gem would be contained and shared an old set of blueprints of the building. When asked why she couldn't go herself, she says that she has been caught before and it wouldn't be very easy for her to get around security a second time. She shares with the heroes the facility's vulnerabilities.
  • Having agreed to help Kyndle, the heroes set out to surveil the building located in a small scientific park. Over the next three days, through their investigation, they learned that there were two kinds of individuals who entered and left the building. There were scientists and armed thugs that wore dark clothing. They also picked up on a pattern concerning the times at which each type of individual would come and go.
  • DragonX20 began making attempts to find and breach the network originating from the building they were investigating. During her search, she was able to find an email correspondence between the CEO of CanTech, Michelle "Chelly" Markovis, and a lover who signed their name as "TCL". DragonX20 reasoned that this "TCL" person was not Brutevold Markovis, her legal husband. DragonX20 decided to download the entire email chain.
  • Dr. Liel and Roland, having clothes similar to the scientists that went into and came out of the building, attempted to walk into the facility along side one of the scientists bound for the building. However, the scientist acted nervously and pleaded for his life. This struck the two heroes as odd, but they insisted that they walked into the building arm-in-arm with the scientist. Once the scientist used his key card to open the main doors, he ran inside screaming for help. This prompted the two heroes to hide immediately. Moments after taking cover, six armed guards with dark clothing spilled out of the building and ran a check on the perimeter. Finding nothing, they retreated back inside.
  • Kaylee skillfully trailed a scientist leaving the building throughout the city and managed to do it without detection. However, her pursuit proved fruitless when he hopped into a skycar taxi that was leaving the city.
  • DragonX20, through her network attacks, was able to decrypt and access the network of the building the heroes have been scoping out. Further attacks into their system revealed a poorly constructed and easily manipulated security system. DragonX20 was able to download a copy of the master key signature. In a four hour programming frenzy, she was able to develop a replica of the facility's master key.
  • DragonX20 and Kaylee decide that they were going to infiltrate the facility through the front door using the Replica Master Key DragonX20 developed. Within a minute of entering the facility, they were confronted by pirates and held at gun point. The pirates struggled to ascertain the identity of the two heroes. Once the pirates caught wind of the fact that they were armed and wearing armor, they opened fire. The two heroes managed to escape from the facility unscathed, and DragonX20 was even able to kill one of the pirates during their escape. With a stroke of luck, DragonX20 blew his head clean off with her pistol.
  • Kaylee mentioned that they should spend a night observing the shadowy pirate figures that entered the shed located next to the facility they were staking out. However, after doing so, she had a hard time learning anything useful about them.
  • The next night, the heroes decided to enter the shed. Upon entering, they found that the shed was entirely empty. Kaylee and Dr. Liel were able to figure out that there was an air grate covering a duct in the ground near the wall that was closest to the facility. Furthermore, they were able to figure out that the air grate was loose, as if it was moved aside and replaced shortly before they entered the shed. With Kaylee and Roland's combined strength, they were able to move the air grate out of the way. The heroes descended down into the duct work until they landed themselves in a bleak and dreary cell with no humane amenities.
  • Kaylee and Roland were able to pry the iron door just enough to access the computer panel that controlled the door. Using the Replica Master Key, Roland was able to get the door to open. Upon leaving the cell, the heroes caught two pirates by surprise and held them up at gun point. The heroes instructed the pirates to drop their weapons and slowly make their way over to the heroes, so that they could tie them up.
  • A random patrol of pirates caused the heroes to enter a combat scenario. During the fighting, another random patrol of pirates were summoned by one of the pirates the heroes were fighting. After a few rounds of combat, and managing to incapacitate two of them, several of them started to flee.
  • After several more rounds of fighting, a more important-looking pirate entered the scene. He instructed the other pirates to stop shooting so that he could talk to the heroes. The heroes and the pirate captain spoke for a while before coming to an agreement. The heroes were to work for the Peratelos Skimmers or surrender their lives to the pirates.
  • Being escorted to through facility, the heroes were led to a research chamber where the gem was contained. A Mechalus scientist, who seemed to be the scientist in charge of research efforts, freed the gem from it's container in the center of the room using a pair of gloves he pulled out of a desk. He then contained the gem in a smaller jar, then passed the gem in its container and the gloves used to handle it to the heroes. It was at this point the Pirate Captain briefed them on what they are to do for the pirates: Take the gem to the hollow moon, Xunnade, and "see what happens" or refuse and die at the hands of the pirates. The Pirate Captain also wanted the heroes to kill Kyndle and anyone else who may know of the gem's existence through her. The heroes begrudgingly agreed to the tasks at hand, then left the facility.
  • The heroes were on the hunt for a criminal connection to get them to the restricted moon. Dr. Liel was able to track down a retired pilot, who gave them Kyndle's contact information.
  • The heroes reluctantly visited Kyndle with the gem in hand. DragonX20 was especially apprehensive about meeting with her under these circumstances.
  • Kyndle tips the heroes off saying that they needed to procure environmental suits to survive on the surface of the moon. They were given 8000 credits in order to get them. Arriving at the mega mall, the heroes pushed their way to a store that DragonX20 liked to visit. Knowing the vendor, he offers the heroes a steep discount which they pay the difference on.
  • After acquiring the e-suits, the heroes set their course for the Khomery Desert. While trekking through, Dr. Liel ends up slipping into toxic quicksand. The heroes struggled to pull her out before Kaylee trips and falls in herself. DragonX20 creates a simple pulley in order to pull the heroes out. Dr. Liel and Kaylee are knocked out in their struggle, to be freed, so the heroes waited for them to wake up. DragonX20 impatiently renders first aid to help Kaylee wake up.
  • Kaylee sets up camp for the heroes to rest for the night in the desert. DragonX20 volunteers for the first watch. During Roland's watch, he sees some savages, but they don't seem to be hostile. Dr. Liel, through psychic ability, gathered that the savages were hostile, but saw nothing during her watch. Kaylee is able to see what Roland saw, but her watch goes by uneventfully.
  • During their journey through the desert, they found curious marks in the ground. While investigating them, they were attacked by savages with an arrow whizzing by their heads, revealing the invisible ship that made the curious marks they stumbled upon. Combat started with a group of 8 savages running towards the heroes. The heroes opted to duck underneath the invisible ship, causing four of the savages to knock themselves out on the ship. The heroes were able to successfully fend off the attack.
  • After the combat scene ended, the pilot of the ship shuts its cloaking device off, slowly revealing the ship. He opened a hatch to greet the heroes. With a single wave, he motioned for the heroes to climb aboard.